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World Changer

Jan 31, 2012

Since I was a 5 yr old redhead with skinned knees, I’ve wanted to change the world.  Whenever I’ve been involved in something bigger than me, something that taps into the grandness of God, I get this settled feeling of “All is well, I’m fulfilling my purpose for today.”  


With this on the brain, recently, I’ve been sitting in 1 John 2:12-13A…

“I am writing to you, little children,
   because your sins are forgiven for his name’s sake.
 I am writing to you, fathers,
   because you know him who is from the beginning.
I am writing to you, young men,
   because you have overcome the evil one.”

Now, if there’s ANYTHING I learned in seminary, it’s to pay attention when the Bible repeats itself…if Scripture is God’s Voice to His people, then when it repeats itself it’s like His Voice through a BULLhorn!!  So when John says “Little children…Fathers…Young men” TWO times, in different ways, I know this is more than John just wanting to use up a little ink on parchment…or dried animal skins, take your preference! 


When I read this lines, I see myself in all of these…


1.  I am a little child, He is my Dad.  He is speaking to me because I am full of His grace…I am grateful.


2.  I am a father to others in the faith.  He is speaking to me because I see He Who Is From The Beginning and has a plan far greater than anything I could dream up.  My soul rests in this space:  My Father has a plan far bigger than me and He is actively working to accomplish it.  He’s got it.  He’s always had it.  He’s got me.  


3.  I am a young woman.  He is speaking to because I am warring every day (with the full armor of God) to bring about His will here on this earth.  I am graced to be a small cog in His huge story.


Recognizing my identity as John spoke of it here, I can truly tap into that “bigger than me” story that He is weaving all about me.  Full of gratitude, resting in His wiser-than-me plan, I am actively seeking to play my part.  


Gosh!  This just FIRES ME UP!  He called out the different parts that I play so I’d realize I have to do it all together to bring Him the most glory…If I war against darkness without rest in Him, I am worn out.  If I rest in Him without warring, I get lazy.  If I arrive at ANYTHING without a grateful attitude, I am full of pride.  


So today, I’m playing my little part…abiding in Him with a grateful heart and seeking opportunities to serve His bigger-than-me story.  And in my own little way, He IS changing the world through me.  Now THAT’s a big deal.