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Your Crisis – God’s Appointment

Feb 24, 2011

pHello sister,/p
pThis weekend marks our first a href=”http://www.goingbeyond.com/events/2011-02-25/going-beyond-san-antonio” target=”_blank”Going Beyond event/a of the year. As you read
this, I am in transit to San Antonio, Texas. Not only am I excited about being
with the women who will be gathered for the event from every
background, culture and denomination but . . . I’m THRILLED to eat some
good Mexican food!!/p
pCan the church say “Amen!”/p
p(Y’all know how I feel about food!)/p
pIn any case, I’ve been looking forward to this meeting for quite some
time – praying and seeking God as to what He wants His women to hear./p
pI’ll be sharing some thoughts from Gideon’s story found in Judges 6 and
7. I am intrigued by the fact that this man was called to fulfill his
primary calling when he and his people were immersed in a crisis. The
Midianites were wreaking havoc on the nation of Israel. And their
attacks didn’t just happen once, but 7 times – in a row. . . at the same
time every year – this group of people would descend and destroy Israel./p
pThe people had come to expect this enemy and were hiding in caves and behind mountains in fear for their lives./p
pThis was their existence, relegated to less than desirable
circumstances  – their lives made hard and difficult – because of this
crisis and yet – it was BECAUSE of the crisis that Gideon was called and
commissioned to be appointed as a judge over Israel. His life was
completely changed – elevated to a place his potential might not have
otherwise – because of the difficulties that they were facing./p
pSure, the people wanted a miracle of God – and God wasn’t ignoring that. But in the meantime, he wanted to deal with ONE PERSON – who He wanted to step into his rightful position.br
I’m wondering about you. Is there a continued crisis that has left you
floundering? I’m wondering if God will use it to position you for a
calling and commissioning you’d never quite recognize otherwise./p
pMaybe you could use some encouragement today?/p
pI bet there are some women who have a story to tell about how their crisis because fertile ground for their calling./p
pSisters, tell us your story. I can’t wait to hear about it./p
pBless you,br
PS. . I’ll think of you while I’m eating chips slathered with queso this weekend!/p