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Colorado Skies!

Nicole | Nov 03, 2016


We serve an amazing Creator. Simply amazing.

The landscapes, the mountains, the sunsets, the sunrises. There’s absolutely nothing that can compare to His work on this side of heaven.


A couple of girlfriends and I visited the beautiful state of Colorado over the weekend. Just a quick trip to knock a dream location off of my bucket list. I knew it was beautiful but really didn’t know what I was truly going to encounter. I remember seeing pictures two years ago from a friend’s trip to CO. They frequent the state often and have pictures from every season. I was mesmerized by their photos of white tree trunks with the bright blue sky line.

I remember thinking, “I’ve got to see this for myself.” And I’m so happy I did.


Fresh mountain air. Temperatures that were just right. Not cold enough to crank on the heater and perfect enough to let down the windows a bit and curl up in a blanket. It was great to get out of my routine for a bit and slowly take in my new surroundings. I would find myself periodically closing my eyes and LISTENING to what was around me and inhaling the crisp air.

I wanted to be able to recall each moment long after I had left.


I fell in love with one particular spot – Maroon Bells. It was a well-visited lake surrounded by mountains situated between Aspen and Snowmass. It was a place where I truly saw what I knew – that God will always be bigger than my wildest of imaginations. His creative work is one to be revered.



Colorado is a place I’d love to explore again. I know I have only seen a fraction (of a fraction . . . of a fraction) of what this beautiful state has to offer. So, it’s still on my bucket list.

But with all of its natural beauty, I can’t leave out pictures of food. I mean, come on. All that know me know, eating is non-negotiable and I’ve got a couple of pictures to prove it. 🙂



~ Nicole ~