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Jan 25, 2011

All I can say to is. . . WOW!
Monday’s blog comments were so thoughtful and interesting. I was intrigued by your honesty and your willingness to share what has happened, and is happening, in your lives. Your stories will certainly help to shape my thoughts as I continue to plow through this writing project that I’m praying will be a tremendous blessing to each of you.

In the meantime, I want to encourage you. It was clear that many of you are struggling with some very difficult circumstances, and with the bitterness and resentment that is always eager to set in as a result of those situations. It is important to me that you know that you are being prayed for by other women. Some time ago, we offered an opportunity for marriages in trouble to be prayed for on our blog. Today, I want to pray FOR YOU – for your heart to be sensitive to God’s conviction and leading, for your heart to be softened towards your husband and for God to work unbelievable miracles in your circumstances (some of which are very dire).

So, if you’d like prayer, would you please just leave your name or initials. . . that’s all we need.  We, at Going Beyond Ministries, will lift you up in prayer – but I’m also going to ask another woman from the blog community to pray for you as well.

Sisters, will you help me?

When you see a woman’s name or initials and choose to pray for her, would you simply respond to her post with a comment that says, “I’m lifting you up today.” Then she’ll know that someone is thinking of her and praying for her strength to continue, and for His best in her situation.May there be a great symphony of virtual prayer ringing out today to change our marriages. . . .better yet, to change us while we are in them.