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In Arm’s Reach

Priscilla | Jun 06, 2010


This weekend, I’ll be with some of my favorite people in Denver. Women from everywhere will be converging in Colorado for the Deeper Still Event. I gotta tell you, I’m more excited about Beth Moore and Kay Arthur teach, and Travis Cottrell and the team lead worship more than anything.

If I could just sit and receive, I’d be delighted. And yet, for some strange reason, God has asked me to partner with Him on this and I’m the better for it. I always leave enriched and filled to the brim as God’s presence never fails to rain down upon us from the very first moment on the very first day.

I’ve been asking God to be clear on what I should teach when I take the platform on Saturday morning. I’m always looking for sense of God’s Spirit drawing me to a certain passage and theme. While I’d like to tell you that I’m organized enough to already have my message mapped out from A-Z, I don’t.  (Kids are out of school now remember?) But at least I’ve had a thought or two that have been brewing in my heart.

For instance, there are over 8000 promises in the Bible for the children of God, and yet most of them He didn’t place in our hands but chose rather to place them within our reach. In other words, while he could have chosen to simply let us realize them without any participation on our part, he decided to make us have to participate with him, and exert a measure of faith before we could. We actually have to engage with Him and choose to follow Him, yield to Him and trust Him. And I’m finding that it is to the extent that we do this, we can expect to realize God’s promises in our every day living.

Reminds me of the children of Israel under Joshua’s leadership. God told them (Joshua 1:3) that He’d give them every place on which the sole of their foot treaded. Canaan was already theirs but they’d only get to enjoy as much as they had the faith to go walk on. Yes, the promise of Canaan had been given but it wasn’t placed in their hands; it was within their reach.

Have you had to step out in faith and follow God in some radical way that set you up to experience Him in a way you wouldn’t have otherwise?

I’m dying to know about it.


PS . . . if this post makes absolutely no sense to you, then that’s your cue to have pity on me and beg God to give my poor, exhausted, summer-mom self clarity before this weekend!