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Jan 24, 2012

It seems like I’ve been
asleep for most of the day.  I’ve been in the “zone” as we like to say
here…headphones on and my fav music tinkling my earlobes, I’ve smashed out a
bunch of projects that have been looming for days.  And there has been one
thought on my mind:  “Awaken:  An Evening with Priscilla Shirer”. 
It’s the free live event with Priscilla coming up in a few weeks.  We’re
dragging out our finest and polishing the best to set the table for ladies to
hear God speak through Priscilla.  I.  Can’t.  Wait.  

Awaken has been on my
mind.  But The Lord has been telling me the opposite is needed in my
heart:  sleep.  He wants me to sleep on some of the things that are
nearest and dearest to my heart.  Have you heard that verse seen a few
times in the Song of Solomon?  “Promise me, of women of Jerusalem, not to
awaken love until the time is right”?  A young single girl in Dallas, the
obvious response to “not awaken love” is to sleep from “relationships”…to not
arouse those desires for romance until He brings my husband (and He WILL bring
my husband!).  And so I set my heart to desire His closeness instead of a
man’s.  But I think there is more to this spiritual principle than
romantic love that I need here today.  Love is needed…it’s a need. 
When I press into a need before God is ready to meet it, I throw off my
contentment.  We are not called to ignore needs.  Rather, we’re
called to have them met by Him.  IN HIS timing.  

When I was sitting with
my headphones on today, I accomplished a ton of stuff. My focus kept me on
tasks that, in the big picture of things, are more immediate.  Had I taken
my headphones off and engaged in all the things happening in my environment, I
might have missed accomplishing what He had for me TODAY.  When needed,
headphones were slipped off, and focus was shifted to the more immediate need. 
When that need was done, headphones went back up and I dove again into the
project He had for me.  

Don’t get me wrong, I’m
not one that enjoys zoning people out and being anti-social.  But I highly
value doing what He has for me to do today.  And sometimes that requires
me slipping on headphones…sometimes that requires me to fall asleep to other
things around me.  So, here’s to sleeping in His will, til His timing
wakes us.  At night I fall asleep by playing a few games of sudoku on my
phone…I wonder how He wants us to fall asleep in His will today?