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Awakening after Awaken…

May 23, 2013

Oi vey.  You know that feeling of eye crusties cementing your eyelids together, hair standing straight on end, and too few hours of sleep…all the while looking smack dab into the face of a jam-packed weekend?  Give me a minute, I need to refill this java cup for the 5th time this morning…

Mmmm…ok.  That’s better.  *smoothing hair*  Now that we’re awake and looking at each other squarely in the face, it’s time to have a show down.  

I think I’ve been too gripey.  

I’ve talked way too much about what I need.  About how I’m needy in some way, shape or form; about how I don’t have enough.  

Never enough.  

Never enough.  

Ooof.  There’s that nauseous feeling again…I get it when I don’t sleep enough and when I start to sound like a prideful little snoot.  I’m pretty sure this is a combo of the two.  

So.  Today.  I’ve gotta reverse all that before this crazy weekend hits…today.  I rest in the TRUTH that HE has GOT me.  That He has all my needs…that He knows about them before I say a WORD!

I was reminded a little about this Hope, this Faith, last night when Priscilla brought the thunder at Awaken.  I can’t WAIT to get that message into your hands…my little greedy hands are already demanding it from our A/V guy just because my soul needs that message SEARED on my heart oh-so-keenly.

How’s YOUR heart today?  Are you at rest?  Or are you demanding He step in, stomping in your freshly (or not-so-freshly!) manicured feet?

Just remember…this too shall pass.  And He has a plan.  He’s not running in circles in heaven wondering how on earth you got into this mess.  He’s actually the Dude perfectly orchestrating your way out.  So press into your Daddy today, cuddling up, nestled in the shadow of His wings….He’s got you.