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Behind the Scenes of “Jonah”

Nov 04, 2009


Hey there! Priscilla’s friend, Rachel, here.  I’ll formally introduce myself tomorrow, but I’ve GOT to share what’s been happening around here because I’m so excited about it.

This week, Priscilla’s latest Bible Study, “Jonah: Navigating the Interrupted Life” is being taped in the Dallas area.  Last night, sessions three and four were completed and….OH. MY.

It was awesome.

Let’s just say that you will never read the first three verses of Jonah in the same way…ever again.  I was literally glued to my seat, just waiting on the next sentence to come out, it was that good.  I was convicted AND encouraged at the same time, which is quite a feat.

The Lifeway production staff has again done an incredible job, not only by creating a cool set, but in setting an atmosphere. I’m still learning my way around this new blog format and I’m not sure I can post a photo today, but I will try.  Not only are these people creative, but they are prayerful.  When you combine that with the Word that’s being taught, that’s quite a mix.  I can’t wait for this study to come out, because I know it’s going to be amazing.

If you would like to attend the final taping on Thursday night (11/5), it is a free event that will be at Trinity Church in Cedar Hill, TX.  Doors open at 6 pm. You are welcome to join us….but you might wanna paint your toenails first because it’ll probably blow your socks off.

It’s just a suggestion.