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The BIG Wide World of God

Apr 25, 2013

It’s been a full wonderful month! I’m in Richmond today, preparing for an event tomorrow that will launch our brand-new Gideon Bible study. It’s a simulcast event (click HERE) that I hope you’ll be tuning into on your own laptop! You’re certainly invited.

This event is the capstone of what has already been a wonderful month of ministry opportunity for me. Just over a week ago, I was in gorgeous Cape Town, South Africa for a stunning event that brings together women from literally all over the globe. Over 6.000 women gathered for this event but it was only one of the links in a chain of conferences that this ministry hosts in other locations like Australia, London and the Ukraine (where I’m headed next month). Before their yearly marathon of conferences is over, they will have minister to nearly 50,000 women! 

Every. Single. Year.


I’ve got to admit, before six years ago or so I’d never even heard of the Colour Conference nor it’s founders Brian and Bobbie Houston. The most I knew about Hillsong was that they produced amazing worship music that I loved listening to on my Ipod. Little did I know that there was an entire church having a global impact behind those stunning lyrics. So, I’ve been introduced to a whole new world of folks who live on the other side of the globe and are serving the same Lord and seeking to build the house of God just like I am.

Just like you are.

They are powerful and the work of God in them and through them is undeniable.

You know what’s been interesting? As I gotten to know some of the Pastors and leaders from different parts of the globe like India, France, Sweden and Uganda, and we’ve sought to familiarize ourselves with one another, I’ve mentioned names and ministries to them that are a regular part of my life and typical American Christian culture. Folks that you’d mostly likely be familiar with – Chuck Swindoll, Kay Arthur, John MacArthur, Tony Evans, Women of Faith, LifeWay, Beth Moore. For the most part, they just stared at me and shook their heads.

Nope, never heard of them.

What? Seriously? You’ve never heard of Beth Moore?

But then again, they couldn’t believe that I wasn’t familiar with some of the men and women who’d most impacted their side of the globe, denomination and church culture.

So, we all laughed, shared a cappuccino and marveled and the big, wide world that God has created and how beautiful it is to know that each and every part is needed to reach the whole of it. That there is no one person who is doing everything so each of us has to do something.

It’s actually a beautiful thing.

So, tomorrow, I’m just going to do my part and I’m hoping that it will be a blessing to you. We’ll have folks tuning in from 46 different US states and other countries like Japan and Dubai. It’s always an AMAZING thing when God’s women gather over His word in a unified way. All of a sudden the world doesn’t seem so big after all.

I’m expecting great things!