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Bulls Eye

Nov 09, 2010

This month’s Jewelry Box article is dear to me. Mostly, cause it has alot to do with my dear husband. And this little picture of him is just for your future reference – to prove the point that I’m making about him in the story.

Jerry at Home

So file it away in your mental roll-o-dex for future reference.

It’s all about change and how God’s Spirit can work the most radical ones in our own hearts – turning our minds, wills and emotions so much so that we might barely recognize ourselves from one stage of life to the next. This divine work in us is incredible news for anyone who has ever worried that opening themselves up to God’s will might mean they are called to do the very thing they least desire. Knowing that He can work miracles in US, and turn our desires to suit His plans, takes the edge off and frees us up to relax into His plan and look forward to receiving His direction.

Pop over and take a look at my little story that’s all about my husband, but really about you and I, and then scoot back over here to tell me how you’ve seen this at work in your own life.

Reading comments on this sort of thing can’t be anything but good!

Bless you today,Priscilla