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Cat Burglar in Disguise

Feb 07, 2012

Hey y’all!  


So can we have a little gab session?  Since I moved back to Dallas, I’ve been staying in a crazy little apartment.  While it’s in a fab section of Big D, it has all kinds of craziness that keeps it from being a dream home.  While the infestation of mold and broken toilet were deterrents of my affection, I guess it was the broken window that threw me over the edge.  I broke into my house by climbing through it when I locked myself out last month.  Did you read that right?  I OPENED IT.  Just slid it open.  Me, the not-anything-like-a-cat-burglar-can’t-pick-a-lock-to-save-my-life, just broke into my own house.   Pretty nut-so.  


All to say, I started looking for a new place to live.  I’d find an amazing pad and it’d be too far from work.  Then I’d find a great roommate and they would have to back out for some crazy reason.  It would seem that God was providing and then like it was being taken outta the picture, left and right, again and again!  Arg.


But then…patience IS a virtue (or so Jerry kept reminding me EVERY day in the office!)…lo and behold, one day, a roommate came outta no where.  And then right after an apartment opened up.  Now when I say this is an amazing apartment, I mean this is an UH-MAZE-ING apartment.  It’s not shiny-fancy or anything.  But it has this laid-back homey feel…the feel you want to get when you drive into your garage.  


So when I got the news yesterday that I was accepted for the lease, you better BELIEVE I was jumping up and down with incredulousness over God’s amazing provision.  Goodness!  He comes THROUGH in HUGE ways doesn’t He?  I had tried for 2 months to find a place…and then this came through.  Wow.  


Praise Him!  What are YOU holding on for today?  How has God provided (big OR little) for YOU?  I love braggin’ on how He rolls…He always does better than I could have.  


Pretty sweet being His kid,