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Circles of Revival

Jun 13, 2013

I’m seeing circles. . .and I’m loving it! 

Right now, many thousands of you are banded together in a mass Bible study group on Gideon. I am so honored and excited to be able to serve you in the Scriptures whether you are doing the study alone or with a handful of others in your church or home. The thought of ALL of us – no matter our geographical, denominational or racial differences – searching the Scriptures together makes a holy chill run up and down my spine.

Many of you are joining the Siesta Summer Bible Study (http://blog.lproof.org/) with Beth Moore for the journey through Gideon but many others of you are venturing out on your own or with your home church. However you are doing the study, I hope that you hear the voice of God with startling clarity and power . . .

. .and I hope to SEE YOU.

Can I just tell you that I have never been in love with Twitter or Instagram more than in these last few weeks. Every day, I open my account to find photos of you doing your study – on your back porch, in the fellowship hall at your church or in your livingroom. It puts a huge smile on my face to get to “connect” with you in this way! And nothing has been more fun than seeing how you’ve created the “Circle of Revival” that I talked about in Session 1 of the study.

From socks to diapers, toys to books – you have made it priority to create a circle in which to stand and pray

“Lord, bring revival . . . but let it begin in this circle with me!”

Who cares if you had to threaten your kids to get them to stay still long enough for you to finish your prayer

Or if a furry friend wants to join you inside.

Your circle – no matter what it looks like, how long it has stayed in tact or who has gotten into it with you – matters! And I’m praying that you see revival start to spread like wildfire through your own heart first and then in the spheres of influence around you.

Ok so, please keep sending me these photos! You can email them to our ministry (info@goingbeyond.com) or just keep tweeting them to @priscillashirer. Please don’t forget to add the #lessonsfromGideon hashtag so that others can see your photos as well. It’s a great way for us to stay in touch and see all the creative “circles” God inspires us to make!

And speaking of #LessonsFromGideon, you ought to add a column to your twitter page for that hashtag! Getting a daily dose of all the lessons being learned from women all over the world is both encouraging and inspiring!


So glad to study the Bible with you!

Praying for you.