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Countdown to Gideon – Week 5

Apr 14, 2013

Welcome y’all!  

It’s the 2nd to last week…ah!  The countdown is almost in the single digits!!  We.  CAN.  NOT.  WAIT.  To get this study in our hands!!!  Check out what Priscilla has to say about the “original 300”, how Gideon won the battle…but grossly lost the war…


(Or click here to watch:  http://vimeo.com/63906094)


I think it’s incredible to hear how someone who’s been given every chance to walk the right way, even having a real-live angel show up to give him the vision of the battles to come, can fail so utterly miserably.  He won a battle with a flash of brilliance on the part of the Lord, and then turned around and did the opposite of what God had asked from him….all because of insecurity.  What are you doing today as you are given a little glimmer of vision of what God wants you to do, but circumstances don’t seem to match up with the needs of that vision?  How can you choose today to trust God, in spite of your insecurity?  How can you rest in Him in the middle of today?

Love this blog video from Priscilla.  I was convicted as I start this week, asking for more trust in Him as I am confronted with the craziness of Monday.   

You are LOVED!


annetta and the GB Team