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Apr 11, 2013


It’s been five whole days – nearly a full week – since I returned from a much needed spring break vacation with my family. And, no joke, I’m just now getting the last of the sand out of my ears.

My sons’ ears, too.

Seems like no matter how much we wash and clean and dust and shake there are still little flits of golden particles falling off and out of our luggage . . . and hair . . . and clothes . . . and shoes.




That’s what happens when you spend the majority of the day – for five full days – on the sandy beaches of an ocean, whipping in the turquoise blue waves and in the much warmer (and therefore parent preferred) pool stationed above it. What a blessing for which I am eternally grateful.


And yet, I’ll admit, I’m waterlogged.


My boys looked forward to this vacation for at least a year. Nearly every night for the past 8 weeks, my youngest son would look up into my eyes while I tucked him in bed and say: Are we going to the beach tomorrow, Mommy? Some families take the skiing, others to busy, fast paced cities but my boys want to go someplace where they can swim – like little fish – all day. They couldn’t wait to engage in every water activity they could. And they were ready before we even left Dallas soil.







(Yes, they traveled in their swim trunks so that they wouldn’t have to bother with changing when they arrived.)


As soon as we touched down into vacation territory their father and I were required by Shirer-boy-law to jump in and never get out. Instead of having lazy mornings sipping foamy cappuccinos and eating plates of tropical fruit, we were awakened at 6:28am each day (would have been far too kind for them to wait the extra two minutes at least until 6:30am) by excited boys who couldn’t wait to head outside. So, we’d put on our bathing suits to hit the water with the boys.





(If you think I’m going to show you a photo of me or Jerry in a bathing suit, you’ve lost your mind.)


It was a week of waterlogged fun that gave us much needed time to be together uninterrupted . . . except by the waves. . .and the constant eating. Being able to enjoy it with friends was the icing on the cake . . . even if we were going to be waterlogged after we did it =)







What kind of vacation does your family enjoy the most?


Wet behind the ears,