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Dallas How I Love Thee

Feb 07, 2013

Reasons why I love the great land of Texas, specifically Dallas, so much:

1. It’s February and 70 degrees outside and I get to work with the garage open and sunshine! Perfection!

2. The people. There’s something about the southern charm that captivates me. I’m grateful for the friends God has so graciously given me. Good people!

(way too many friends missing from this picture, but this will do for now..)

3. The Food. sigh. Might be the best part about this place. So so many delicious things going on in this city. Our gargatuum Whole Foods, Central Market, TexMex, Sushi, steakhouses. It’s just overwhelmingly awesome.

4. Klyde Warren Park. It’s a semi new park that connects downtown from uptown and it’s a must do for anyone who lives here/visits.

5. Runs at White Rock Lake.

6. Oak Lawn Coffee: by far the best coffee in town.

7. My little home. Slowly becoming one of my favorites place to just “be”. And my roommates are pretty great as well!

8. Last but not least, Bishop Arts District. It’s a little area south of downtown that reminds me of Nashville (probably why I love it so much). Pretty much everything you do there is fantastic!


What about you? Do you like your city? Do we need to visit? Do tell…..


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