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Decision Making

May 10, 2013

This topic has been spinning in my mind a lot lately. It seems like a lot of us are finding ourselves in a season of transition. Honestly, many conversations I have these days are about people moving homes or cities, changing jobs, starting new relationships, going back to school.. the list goes on and on.

When you find yourself having to make some bigger life decision, how do you get to a place of being confident of your decision? 

My friend and I went walking yesterday and we got on this subject of decision making. She asked me the question, “Linnae, have you really ever been 100% sure about any decision you have ever made?” 

It’s really a valid question to ask. How do we, as believers, make decisions? We talk about wanting God’s “best” and wanting to make the right decision, but a lot of times we can get caught with not knowing which way we should go. 

Sometimes it seems like God speaks really loudly and clearly, and other times it seems like He is silent. But a lot of times we have to move forward with decisions and trust that He is leading and guiding us as we take steps of faith. It’s really a journey that we all have to learn as we grow and walk with God. 

So what about you? How do you make those bigger life decisions? If you are in a season of transition, I’m praying for you today, trusting that God IS leading and guiding you and that as you seek Him, His Word will light and illumine those next steps for you.