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Deeper Still Oklahoma City!

Dec 02, 2009


Deeper Still! It’s one of the most extraordinary events of my entire year! I can’t begin to describe to you the overwhelming feeling of watching an arena full of women raise their hands and voices in worship to God, or seeing them prop their Bibles on their knees, pens poised in their hands, as they await a Word from the Lord.

Deeper Still Atlanta 

Photo by Rich Kalonick

Deeper Still is refreshing and remarkable . . . and it’s on the way to Oklahoma City this weekend! This is our 3rd year making stops around the country with the LifeWay women’s events team, who sponsor the Deeper Still Event. A couple of little known Bible teachers, Beth Moore and Kay Arthur are the other participants. You may not have heard of them (HA HA) but everyone is always blessed by the messages they share. Here we are in Orlando earlier this year.

Me, Jude and Miss Beth

Little Jude on my hip and Miss Beth singing her
heart out on my right.

As you can imagine, I am humbled and awe-struck every time I share a platform with these unbelievable women. Who hasn’t been touched by their ministries throughout the years? I am amazed that God would allow me to minister along side of them. These women are not only my friends, but my mentors in ministry. I would be intimidated to take the stage, with them sitting so near, if it weren’t for their gracious and encouraging smiles rooting me on all along the way. In fact, before I speak, they pray over me. I’m always moved to tears as they lay their hands on me and ask God to pour His Spirit out while I share.

Miss Kay and Miss Beth praying over me

One of my favorite parts of the event is the panel discussion time. We kick off our shoes, sit back and engage questions from the audience. This always proves to be hilarious as we dive into topics ranging from recipes and make up tips to intimacy with our husbands. We’ve tackled Miss Beth’s hair secrets and Miss Kay’s “staying young” beauty tricks. We’ve learned how to stay attractive to our husbands, and engaged fully in the season of motherhood. We’ve been challenged to steer clear of sin and to choose forgiveness. No matter what theme we are talking about – or how hard it makes us laugh or cry – Miss Beth and I are always amazed at Miss Kay’s ability to find a Scripture reference to support the truth she is trying to share. We just sit and stare at her, hoping we’ll know the Word like that when we are in our more seasoned years.

Panel Discussion - always fun!

So, you’ll want to make sure you check back with me starting Friday and continuing into next week. Expect some pretty exciting video footage on our blog! We’ll have Miss Beth and Miss Kay themselves to share a short word with you and give you a great “behind-the-scenes” look at the Deeper Still event. You won’t want to miss it. Until then, I’d love to hear from you if you’ve already been to one of our other DS events. What city were you in and what part of it did God most use to impact your life?