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Deeper Still, Here We Come!

Dec 03, 2009


The laundry is done, the kitchen is sorta clean, and my bags are mostly packed.  I’ve been up until almost 1am, trying to finish up some work so I can leave Dallas in all good conscience.

Well, my conscience hurts just a little because I’m leaving my husband and son with an empty refrigerator….BUT, they are big guys and I know they can fend for themselves.

We leave for Oklahoma City in just a few hours!  Linnae and I will be caravaning behind Jerry and Priscilla, as we make our way north to Deeper Still.  I heard a mention of “snow” along the way, but I’m not going to worry about a little white stuff!

Instead, I’m getting my heart ready.

I know from the last time I attended a DS conference that God shows up.  The music, the word, the teaching, the spirit of thousands of women, hungering for Him…it’s quite an experience.  What will happen this time?  Is my heart in a place to hear Him?

I pray it is.

And are my jeans dry enough to pack?

Oh I hope so.

Ladies, we will be tweeting and blogging about the weekend.  Will you be a part of it by tuning in?  We want to share the fun “behind the scenes” experiences as well as the big and little moments along the way.

Find me tweeting at RachelAnneRidge

Find Priscilla at PriscillaShirer

You can also stop in at Lifeway’s All Access blog for the latest happenings, too.

Now, off for a little shut-eye…IF I can sleep!!  I’ve got to get up early enough to touch up my roots before we go.

Rachel Anne