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Do You Have a Mentor?

Dec 08, 2009

So glad you stopped by today because I am so anxious for you to meet some friends of mine.

Seven years ago our ministry got a call from The First Baptist Church of Glenarden in Maryland, asking if I would come and minister at their women’s conference. Little did I know that accepting that invitation would open Jerry and I up to one of the most incredible relationships we have ever had.

That weekend we met Pastor and Mrs. John Jenkins. They are some of the most faithful, generous and humble people we have ever known. God has put them in our lives not merely as friends but as mentors. They have challenged us, stretched us, admonished us and encouraged us in our ministry, marriage and  parenting.

So pull up a seat and meet some folks who want to encourage you to be certain you find mentors of your own.

Do you have someone who speaks into your life as a mentor?  Who is that person, and how has he or she impacted your life?  And a follow-up question is: Do you heed the counsel of people who are placed in your life as mentors?  Please share your experience!