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Travis Cottrell: Psalm 145 – Forever More

Dec 09, 2009

Last week, we were talking about favorite worship songs and worship artists.  One name seemed to pop up quite often: Travis Cottrell.  It just so happens that Travis leads worship for the Deeper Still and Living Proof events….and no wonder!  He and his team do an amazing job of truly leading a stadium of people into a place of worship as each session gets underway. From rockin’ praise to Southern Gospel, or putting a new twist on old hymns, I asked myself: is it fair that these people should have more talent in their little fingers than most could even dream of?  Thank God they share their talent with the rest of us and freely let us all belt out our praise right along with them…in whatever key we can muster.

I was really blessed to hear this song, Psalm 145, in this photo montage from Deeper Still, OKC.  Both the images and the music are powerful.  (I turned the HD feature “off” so the video could run more smoothly.)

DeeperStill Oklahoma City from Rich Kalonick on Vimeo.

I added a few more of Travis’s songs to the playlist we made last week….there are some at the top and a few at the very end. It will give you a chance to hear his music and get to know his style a little better.  I noticed that he has a Christmas CD and you can even sample some songs right on his website.  Nice!

Priscilla and Travis Backstage from Going Beyond on Vimeo.

We caught Travis backstage at Deeper Still, and Priscilla tried to fluster him by asking him EXACTLY where he happened to be going.  Apparently, one of his other talents is not getting flustered by embarrassing questions.  He must spend alot of time around women. What a good sport.