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The Fair!

Oct 09, 2012

Yesterday was a gorgeous day in Dallas. Perfect, crisp weather for a trip north on Hwy 35 and a bit east of downtown Dallas to the State Fair of Texas. We always await the fall months with great anticipation for many reasons but this fun-filled trip is at the top of that list. About mid-way through the school day, Jerry and I nabbed the kids out of school, coaxed our co-workers out of the Going Beyond Ministry offices and hustled on down to the fair just in time for lunch.And then we ate. . . everything.Hot Corn dripping with butter and spicy seasoningsA giant turkey leg big enough to feed thousandsSeveral Corny Dogs straight out of the Fletcher’s grease

A couple funnel cakes and cinnamon rolls that left us all with sugar highs

And a fried Red Velvet Cupcake. Yes. . . you heard me correctly.We didn’t devour too much of any one food. We just bought lots of different things and then grazed for the entire afternoon like cows on an open pasture.Then we followed the boys from one expensive ride to another but were delightfully surprised to discover that it was “Five Ticket Tuesday”. All the rides were far less expensive than normal. Hallelujah!So we rode. . . and rode again.

Then we topped off the afternoon with a couple of those cliche games that scored the kids some cheap stuffed toys (that will inevitably end up scattered in my living room) and then we waved at “Big Tex” on our way out.We were tired . . . and full – well, at least the adults were. The kids were still going strong and could have stayed on the fair grounds well into the night taking more five-ticket adventures and eating more fried foods and decadent sweets until their tummies buckled under the pressure. But they’ll have to wait until the fair returns next year with more delightful fun and fried food concoctions then we’ll ever have tough enough stomachs to chow down.Then we’ll go back again. just like we do every single year.It’s a good tradition . . .one that I think I’ll stick to.:)Priscilla