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Feeling a Little Virtually Lonely Over Here

Nov 01, 2011

Hello?????Anybody Out There???I’ve gotta admit, I’ve been feeling a little bit lonely around here lately. Last Friday, I posted the launch into our 7th resolution and week of the book club and ZERO people responded. You heard me right. . . not one single soul posted  anything in response.I felt a bit . . .alone. Like maybe all of my book club friends had bailed out on me right here smack dab in the middle of our Resolution Revolution journey.I might have slipped into a pool of despair. . . if I’d not received an email from one book club member. She included a photo of what she’s been going through in response to our resolution that encouraged more listening and less talking.

Thank you Kesha. You saved me from sliding down a slippery slope of virtual despair.

And now, I’m just curious.  . . are any more of my book club girlfriend’s still with me on the journey.Can you just say, “Hi” so that I know I’ve not lost you???And if you can spare a couple extra typing seconds, can you fill me in on how this week’s resolution on forgiveness is working for you? How about your memory verse? Pen Pal conversation staying rich and encouraging?Ok. . I’ve got my fingers crossed. Sitting on the edge of my seat to hear from you.Priscilla