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Fervent Prayer

The Going Beyond Team | May 05, 2016


May 5th marks the 65th annual National Day of Prayer. It’s a day where all denominations and backgrounds gather together in unity to pray for our nation. It’s a time where we pause as a country to intercede for our leaders, the state of our nation and families.

Will you partner with us in covering our nation in prayer today? Leaders from around the country including this year’s honorary chairman, Dr. Tony Evans, will come together today from 9:00am – 12:30pm ET on Capitol Hill to pray collectively. This special event will be broadcast live, so you may join us via live feed by clicking here!

The importance of prayer has always been on the hearts of Priscilla and the women here in our office. Every week we take time to pray for the ministry, for each of you that participate in any of the Bible studies and also for each other. It’s a very special time for us.

We desire to have that special time with you as well.

Friday, May 20th will begin ten weeks of collective prayer on our blog. Each week we will post a specific topic that we will lift up in prayer as a community. We will include prayer points and scripture that you can apply when praying for yourself and for others. If you’ve read Priscilla’s book Fervent, you will be familiar with each week’s praying strategy. During these ten weeks you will also have the opportunity to share your prayer requests and also pray for another sister that may be visiting our blog! We will give you all the details as to “how” during our first week of prayer.

We are a community of sisters, divided by geographical lines, time zones, and denominations, but we serve the same true and living God. Let’s join together to cover each other in prayer.

Fervent FridaysA

The fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. James 5:16

Friday, May 20th. Right here on our blog. That’s just a couple of weeks away! Set a reminder or, better yet, sign up to have our blog posts sent directly to your inbox. You won’t have to worry about missing a week of prayer with us. If you’re on your desktop, look to the right of your screen for the subscription box. If you’re on your mobile, continue scrolling to the bottom of this page.

We are anticipating what God will do in us and through us during the ten weeks.


In Him,
The Going Beyond Team