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Finishing Well.

Nov 04, 2013

I think I’ve shared a bit about enjoying fitness and working out, but I would never call myself a runner.


Yes….I’ve gotten used to the monotony of stationary machines when I’m in the gym, where my primary motivation is watching the clock slowly fade away to ‘0’, but running? And, out in the open?

No, thank you.

I’ve run a couple of races, and every now and again I’ll get on a ‘kick’, and log a mile or two here and there to change things up a bit, but IF I’ve run, I’ve always preferred to dodge daily traffic on sidewalks. In the suburbs.

Then I discovered Runyon Canyon.

How LA manages to fit the park in the middle of everything else? I don’t know, but last fall I found myself in California for Thanksgiving, and out of sheer desperation for some exercise before Turkey day I drove 45-minutes to hit the trails.

Clearly, I went at the wrong time of day, because just a few minutes in and I was stuck dodging yogis and marathoners and dogs and strollers , and everyone else who all had the same idea as me.

But then I got into my groove.
I didn’t know what was at the top and I wasn’t sure what I’d encounter on my way up there, but I moved to the outside of the trail and fell in behind the season runners who’d already paved the path to the top. At different points I got too far to the edge, my music playlist ran out, I had to ditch my too large water bottle and I stopped a time or two to re-tie stubborn shoelaces, but it didn’t matter.

I got to the top and peered out over the Hollywood strip and It was exhilarating.
See, it wasn’t about the time or distance. The point was to get to the destination, and I’d gotten past the difficulties, stayed consistent and finished what I’d started.


Yes, Monday has rolled around, once again.
Aren’t you glad for that?

I once heard that most people breathe and live just deep enough
to stay conscious. Don’t check out of this week’s challenges; rest in
the presence of our Savior. Then, relax the shoulders, keep your head
above your heart and run the race.

We’ll start AND finish… together.