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Frugal Friday

Dec 11, 2009

It’s “Frugal Friday” here at Going Beyond Ministries! In fact, we’ve decided to declare today and every Friday between now and the end of January an official ministry and invite you to participate!

This all started when Jerry and I had a conference call with the amazing Dave Ramsey last week. This guy’s as nice as he is wise. He called to ask us a few questions about a particular matter, but I found myself feeling compelled to ask him a few questions of my own. You see, Dave Ramsey is one of the leading financial planning experts in the country. Not only does he speak to arenas full of people who are aspiring to live debt free, but his radio show has garnered the attention of millions. His hard-hitting advice is sure to cut right to the core of the issue and get you out of debt and into financial freedom . . . if you’ll listen.

In an attempt not to monopolize the conversation and draw a sigh and yawn from Mr. Ramsey, I held back my questions but couldn’t help but to ask just one right before we hung up. Timidly – “Mr. Ramsey, can you send me one of your books. I’d love to be able to offer it to my bloggers. PUHLEASE.”

Well, not only did he oblige my itty-bitty request but he sent tons of books.

Did you hear me? TONS! I mean it.

Right now, I am looking at two full boxes of books, CD’s, DVD’s and financial planning resources and I’m anxious to give them away to you.

I must admit, I wish I would have cornered Mr. Ramsey while I had him on the line. During this economic downturn and festive holiday season who couldn’t use a bit of financial advice and careful strategy? Well, the line has long gone dead between me and Mr. Ramsey but, thanks to modern technology, I’ve got a hotline with you! And I bet you’ve got some money saving tips and tools you’ve picked up along the way. We could all use your tip as we try to navigate the Christmas season and enter 2010 with a smile on our faces AND a smile in our wallet.

So, every Friday between now and the end of January, we are going to be taking your tips. Tell us what has helped you to save money and stay out of debt. Or what you “know-now-that-I-wish-I-had-known-then” that would have kept you out of debt. What a great wealth of financial armory we’ll gain here as we learn from each other.

Here’s the fun part: At the end of day, myself and a panel of judges (the GB Ministry team) will go through and select the most innovative, creative and substantial tip that has been suggested. This week the winner will receive (1) a copy of Dave’s bestselling book “The Total Money Makeover”, (2) his DVD teaching on cash flow planning and (3) an envelope case carrying system that he has developed to help you stay on top of what you are spending.

WHOHOO! This is good stuff and I can’t wait to get it to you. So, here’s my tip for you today. (Don’t worry. I can’t be the winner.)

Tip #1 – If you have small children and are trying to figure out how to make sure Christmas doesn’t break the bank, try calling up a few friends of yours who have children near the same age. All of you agree to clean out your children’s toy boxes and take out any that are still in great condition but don’t thrill your child as much as they used to. Then get together before Christmas, set everything out in the middle of the room and . . . go shopping! Have an exchange and swap party. Great excuse for you have some “girl time” and save some money at the same time.

I’ve noticed that children around ages 7 and under don’t necessarily need something new from the store as long as it’s new to them. They won’t even notice when they see that gift wrapped under the tree. They’ll be thrilled and so will your pocketbook! Now, myself, the GB team and the rest of our blogging family are sitting on the edge of our seats to read and learn and grow from what you will share with us.

The winner will be announced first thing in the morning! Have a great Frugal Friday!