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Get Involved in the Resolution Revolution!

Jul 17, 2011

Welcome to The Resolution Revolution Project. Let’s chat! In the video I’m announcing the winners and telling you a little more about how you can get involved.

Revolution Chat


Thanks for indulging me (and my 2 year old) and for helping me to spread
the word about this project. Please tell all your Facebook and Twitter
friends. It is my hope that as many women as possible can be encouraged
by what we are discussing. Remember our hash tag for twitter –
#resolutionrevolution and include it in your twitter comments.

I’ll be around here all week long – hope to connect with you every day –
but we’ll have the second installment on Friday, and we’ll be talking about Resolution #5. Talk

PS . . .if you’d like to see some sample chapters from “The Resolution
For Women” book click on the archives in the Jewelry Box  and read April, May and
June’s articles. Be blessed.