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God’s Big Wide World

Priscilla | Apr 11, 2016

This week, my family and I have been in Cape Town, South Africa. It is one of the most spectacular cities in the world. I’m not joking. The gorgeous mix of mountainous terrain coupled with the shining waters of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans is breathtaking.

Atop Table Mountain

But even more stunning has been the sweet fellowship we’ve had with believers who call this place home. The continent of Africa is surging with committed church leaders who are seeking to take ground in Jesus Name. They are fighting against darkness and stirring the Church to greatness all in the name of the same God whom you and I love and serve.

That’s a wonder to me.

Different continents. Same God.

I think that it can be easy for pockets of the world (and streams of the church) to hole up in our narrow perspectives and forget the hugeness of God’s work and the breadth of His love. The fact is that God’s presence is everywhere . . . not just in America . . . but everywhere. And, His church is alive and flourishing.

That is why the highlite of my trip has been spending time with women who are serving God in different parts of the earth.

Whether it’s Lucinda Dooley, who pastors with her husband in South Africa (right), or Cathy Clarke who leads Hillsong church in London (left), women are rising up who have a heart to mobilize their sisters and themselves to their potential in God.


Then, of course, there is Bobbie Houston. Together with her husband Brian, they lead a host of churches on numerous continents while still pastoring the local Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia. In this photo, we are sitting amongst a smattering of women’s ministry leaders who are from all over the continent of Africa.


I have to tell you though . . . it was this encounter that nearly brought tears to my eyes. These gorgeous ladies walked up to me with broad smiles and warm spirits.


They gathered me into their arms and offered sincere, warm hugs. Then they grabbed my hands and told me that each year the women in their country gather together around one of the Bible studies that I have written. They’ve done it for many years and are currently studying The Armor of God.

Their country?


I know, right? I had no idea where that was either. So, here’s some help.


It is one of the smallest countries on the continent of Africa and yet God’s Word reaches even there. It reaches everywhere!

I was stunned speechless at the fact that I’d been able to partner with women that I didn’t even know and lead them in the study of God’s Word. Because, you see, that is the power of God’s Word. It transforms hearts in any language, on any continent and in any time zone.

So, we can never forget or downplay the significance of the Church in ALL of her glory – not just her glory as seen on our own block. It’s bigger than that. It is bigger than us.

So, today, will you join with me in praying for the continent that my family and I have our feet planted on this week? As we keep our own nation lifted up, will you also ask the Lord to pour out His spirit and awaken this part of the world for His glory and name sake?

There are sisters here who love and are praying for us.

In Jesus Name,