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Apr 21, 2011

Thank you guys for voicing your sentiments about my fashion sense (dwindling though it may be.) I loved the varied and often emphatic viewpoints on the outfit in question. Whether or not I can wear red pants with side pockets – on a platform or otherwise – is still a mystery to me. I also appreciate all of the compliments about outfits you’ve seen me wear before. I wasn’t throwing out that post with the intention of fishing for them . . . but I’m grateful nonetheless!

I want to talk more fashion with you and may try to get back to it on Monday after I’ve read through all of your comments but I couldn’t let the weekend come without wishing you a wonderful Easter.This weekend is an incredible time of year. It marks the inauguration of the era of grace under which we live. Thank God for Jesus – his death, and (THANK YOU FATHER) His resurrection.


That really is what Easter is all about. God’s grace poured out to us through His son. And since we have been so outlandishly covered by the grace of God, I commission you to extend this grace to others – to allow this weekend to compel you to be a minister of grace to someone else.Let up a little.Be kind and gracious.Give the benefit of the doubt.Extend mercy when justice is deserved.This is the message on my heart after reading the blog of a friend, Bible teacher and author, Vicki Courtney. She is a wonderful woman whose ministry, particularly revolving around family dynamics, has blessed thousands of people through her resources and conferences. I was brought to tears as I snooped around her blog and read about the recent happenings in her life. I pray that you will take time to read about the circumstances that have occurred in her family and then her sentiments of gratefulness for the comments left when her readers reacted to her post.Scroll down and read April 19th’s post first and then April 20th. What a blessing it can be when we extend grace to others.Give it away – any and every chance you can.Grace-fully,Priscilla