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Fashion Crisis

Apr 20, 2011

Be forewarned: there is nothing spiritually edifying or Biblically sound
to share with you on today’s blog. And yet, for some odd reason, I feel
like you guys won’t mind a bit 😉

That’s what I like about us – me and you – and this relationship we have
on the blog. We can go from deeply theological to random, silly and
surfacey in a matter of moments. . . and not skip a beat.

So. . .here’s goes.

I’m having a bit of a fashion crisis.

I seriously am.

I’m not sure what’s going on with me but I just can’t seem to find my
fashion footing lately. Packing my bags for an event sends me into a
tizzy, as I try to wade through my closet with high hopes of emerging
with the perfect garmets put together into an amazing outfit.
It never happens. Or if and when it does, I’m so frustrated and
overwhelmed that I could care less what I’ll be wearing at the upcoming
conference. So, I tend to get in a rut – wearing a rotation of the same
four or five outfits that I know work for sure.

I think the problem partly lies in the fact that I want to look my age
(just a few short years from 40) but I’m also so attracted to the
trendy, youthful look of leggings, tall boots, vintage finds, skinny
jeans. . . awww. . you get the gist of it.

Since I’m in front of so many different types of women from so many unique backgrounds, I’m never quite sure what I can do and what I just can’t.

So, this past weekend, at the Going Beyond event in Lynchburg, I
cornered the fashion forward girls that are on the praise team. These
women, my slightly younger sisters, whipped open their magazines,
searched on their iphones and schooled me on what they sensed I so
desperately needed.

They were clear – I do “ok” in my wardrobe. Nothing bad or unflattering.
But they just suggested that I “Take it up a notch,” one of them said.
“Push the fashion envelope a bit more,” said another as she stroked the
back of my hand for comfort.

In other words, my style is a bit boring on occasion and could use a little more pizazz.

In fact, one of them texted me this picture yesterday and said that with
some jazzy jewelry this would be a great outfit to teach in.

Yes, or No??

Could I get away with this?
What do you think?