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Jan 20, 2011

Well. . .First of all, let me just say that I’m completely appalled by the pictures that Rachel posted on Wednesday. Who wants to see a big picture of their own foot online?? It’s embarrassing. In any case, I’m so grateful to you guys for your well wishes and prayers. I didn’t sprain or injure it. I needed a surgery that I’d scheduled earlier last year. It was purposefully scheduled for this month because I knew I’d be writing a book and would have ample opportunity to allow it to heal.

So, it – I – am doing just fine. (Thanks to some wonderful pain meds!)Over the past 2 weeks that I’ve been limping around here, my extended family has been so kind to me and I’m grateful. My sister-in-law, cousin and sister have stopped over with some delicious desserts and my mother-in-law. . . . OH MY. . . my mother-in-law!!!!! She’s made at least three meals during each week. They have been AMAZING! Complete dinner dishes with wonderfully marinated meats, cheesy casseroles and homemade rolls. I’m SOOOOO grateful!

. . AND FAT!

O well. . .I’ll deal with that later. But for now, I’m just soaking in the beauty of family and friends who care about me and have helped me to get through these weird weeks of recovering from surgery.I’m wondering if you live near family? Sure, being in such close proximity has its challenges, but there are certainly some benefits. What do you enjoy about your loved ones being close by?Priscilla