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Half Way Through!

Oct 02, 2012

Well, we are half way through the Gideon Bible Study taping. It’s hard for me to begin to describe my excitement about this new study that Priscilla is doing. It’s been an amazing week so far! You can tell that God is all over this one because it seems like the enemy is working overtime on everyone involved to try and thwart what God has planned for this particular message He’s given Priscilla but also because the messages have been some of the most powerful teachings I’ve heard yet!

I’ll have you know that we can feel your prayers BIG and I know Priscilla is extremely grateful to know that there are others praying on our behalf. So thank you, and please keep praying!

I wish we could share with you photos and snippets into what is going on this week, but we will keep you in just a little suspense until the release on May 1 =) You probably want to go ahead and plan to do Gideon for your summer study! (Priscilla would be so mad at me for saying that… hehehehe)

I know she is so looking forward to connecting with you again, but since she is filming intros and outros all day today, we can all pretend we are sipping our coffee/tea with her in our comfy chairs and read the Jewelry Box for this month. Have you seen it yet? It’s quite the perfect timing with the new iPhone having just come out. 

Enjoy! Let Priscilla know what you think, and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind hearing how you all are doing today to give her a little boost =) 

We love you guys!