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Hello Virginia and Maryland!

Rachel Anne | Feb 25, 2010

Priscilla is on her way to Vienna, VA today for a much-anticipated, a much-prayed-over and a much-girlfriendy Going Beyond conference that gets underway later tonight. Woot!

I am so excited for you ladies that will get to enjoy what we experienced here in Ft. Worth last weekend.  I almost don’t have words to describe it, except that PRISCILLA BROUGHT IT, YA’LL.  The whole conference was wonderful, but the best part was the Word she taught from her heart.  We laughed and cried, prayed for each other and caught a glimpse of what heaven will be like in the few short hours we spent together.

Are you going to be at McLean Bible Church this weekend?  I know it’s tough to organize kids and errands and food and cleaning and pets . . . just to get out the door, but I promise you that it will be worth it.  Here’s a secret: your kids will live, even if they have to eat cereal every meal. Your man will figure out how to change a diaper. He knows how to find a drive-through if he’s hungry. And clean clothes are overrated . . . the laundry will wait for you until you get home.

Just you get yourself into the car and pull away from the driveway.  Turn up some praise music and turn your heart toward the One who is tugging on your spirit.  He is calling you away for a moment in time so that you can hear Him.  He has a blessing in store for you. You are going to experience Him this weekend.

I can’t wait to hear the testimonies of what I know He will do.
He will go beyond with you.

Rachel Anne