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Keep “Going Beyond”

Rachel Anne | Feb 28, 2010


The Five P’s.


The Road Home.


What did you take away from the Going Beyond conference this weekend? Did God speak to your heart at Glenarden, when Priscilla shared there? Maybe you are doing a video Bible Study and something keeps turning over and over in your mind. Or maybe a scripture has jumped off the page of the Bible during your devotional time.

But when Monday morning rolls around, it’s easy to jump back into the routines and busyness of life and forget what was so clear on Sunday. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

Well, take a moment to pull out your notes. Put them on your bathroom counter or kitchen table. Perhaps review them during your lunch break. Choose to reflect on God’s message to you as you go through your day, and consider His tender care for you: He is leading you, guiding you, teaching you His truth and sheltering you in His presence.

Going beyond with Him means that He wants to be part of your Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and every day. It’s up to you to take the next step and make that a reality in your life. And what an awesome adventure awaits! Let’s not leave His word tucked on a shelf or stuck in a weekend tote bag.

What was your “take away” from this weekend’s events? How will you apply it to your “Monday-through-Friday” life?

In Him,

Rachel Anne