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Help! I’m in Women’s Ministry

Rachel Anne | Nov 12, 2009

I was recently asked to help lead the women’s ministry in my local church.  I was pretty excited about it until I was given 3 large boxes of paperwork and history from the past 20 years! The ladies who served before our current team did such a fantastic job (and were so organized) that I suddenly questioned my calling to this position.


God apparently didn’t tell the board that paperwork ain’t my thang.

My team members and I realized quickly that we needed help.  AND that we didn’t want to reinvent the wheel when it comes to meeting the needs of the women in our church. Thankfully, we have an abundance of resources available to us to help us figure out which direction to take.

If I’d been planning ahead, it would have been really great to take a lil’ trip to Nashville for Lifeway’s Women’s Ministry Leadership Forum this week.  They’ve got a fabulous line-up of speakers, including our own Priscilla, to help equip ministry leaders for the task they’ve been called to.  Rats, I’m missing the whole thing.


But wait!  Lifeway is live-streaming Friday’s events (9am-9pm) so that everyone who couldn’t make the trip in person can still benefit….from the comfort of home.  That means I can watch Priscilla and everyone in my slippers and robe!  Woot! I don’t even have to put lipstick on.

Put the coffee on and click here for the live feed….and we’ll all “be there in spirit!” Slippers are optional.

You can find a schedule here.

Rachel Anne

P.S. Do you follow Priscilla’s tweets?