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Home For The Holidays

Dec 22, 2013

Hey sister,

Glad you are here today.

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This month, I’ve been contemplating the real reason for the season and the myriad of ways we often neglect to honor it.

We don’t mean to.

We just do.

Between the shopping and eating and gift-giving and gift-receiving, we are just far too exhausted to consider Jesus.

Back in 2002, about twelve weeks after my first son was born, we took him to visit relatives in Mobile, Alabama. He was exhausted and sound asleep when we arrived so I cocooned him in a receiving blanket to shield against the cool, winter night air and laid him across the bed in one of the back rooms.

The house soon filled with a dozen relatives or so. They all took off their heavy winter coats then came into the living room. We hugged, talked, ate and laughed.

After a little while everyone began asking for the baby they had come to see. I ducked out of the living room and walked back into the bedroom to retrieve him. When I opened the door I was mortified by what I saw – a pile of coats laying on the bed exactly where my son had been.

My sister-in-law was sitting in a chair in the corner of the room talking on her cell phone.

“Where’s the baby”
. My heart beat quickly inside my chest.

She responded, “I thought he was with you. He’s not in here”.

But he was.

He Was.

I ran frantically over to the bed and began throwing coats onto the floor – digging through them in a frantic search for the cocoon I’d placed there an hour early.

There, at the bottom of the pile, cozily sleeping and (thank you Lord) still breathing was my sweet little one – covered up by the very ones who had come to see him.

Have we inadvertently covered up Jesus – smothering Him underneath a pile of our holiday tradition and celebration? I think we have.

I have.

Take a moment to read this month’s Jewelry Box article by clicking here. I’m hoping that it will help you to remember Jesus as His birthday draws near. Enjoy it and then come back to the blog and share with me what the Lord is speaking to your heart.

Looking forward to chatting with you.