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I’m Full

Jul 07, 2010

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pI’ve eaten too much./p
pI’m serious. /p
pThe fourth of July ushered in an array of fabulously sloppy, greasy,
enormous and delightful dishes that made my mouth water – and I ate IT
ALL. Every single delicious bite of every single meal (or snack) that I
could find. And it seems that the more I ate, the more I wanted; not
because I was hungry mind you, but just because I felt a license to
indulge. Know how that happens? A ripple effect of over-eating? I don’t
think I’ve actually felt one hunger pain in over four days. /p
pWhy? Because I’m full./p
pShameful, isn’t it?/p
pI’m feeling the effects of all that ice cream and cake, barbecue and
bread, cheese and choice steak. It’s taking its toll, and my digestion
system is just barely making it moment by moment. And one of the
downsides of eating so much is that I can’t really enjoy any food right
now. No matter how appetizing or delicious it may be. Any meal that is
before me isn’t quite as appealing – simply
because my body hasn’t processed what it’s already been given./p
pHmmm. . . /p
pI guess that’s kind of gross if you think about it too long (so don’t)
but it’s really got me thinking. . . ../p
pNot just about my body – but about Christ’s./p
pYou see, we are so full. There are more churches on more corners and
more conferences on more calendars than ever before. We’ve got more
books and DVDs and CDs and Bible studies then we can digest. And we are
taking it all in at record speed. But could any lack of passion we are
feeling be, at least in part, attributed to the fact that the body isn’t
doing anything with what it’s already been given? Maybe we are
packed too full of information that needs to be put into motion before we
can enjoy another banquet feast that He may place before us. Then maybe
church won’t be a duty anymore, and the conference won’t just be
“something to get me out of the house” this weekend. Those things will
become delectable delights that our hungry souls desire more than
anything else./p
pI want to enjoy what’s on my plate. So I want to get busy. . . putting
this body in motion./p
pemWhat are you learning right now in your Bible study, and what are you
doing with what God is teaching you?/embr