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Thank You, Lord

Jul 06, 2010

pIt was a whirlwind weekend. I’ve thought of you a bunch between our wild adventures. As always, the holiday weekend was anything but a holiday. I’ve told you before that my idea of a holiday includes rest, peace, quiet and engaging adult activity – like SHOPPING for instance. But there was none of that around here for the past few days. It’s been solid kid activity that was the kind of exhausting fun that compels you to let your kids skip their bath altogether and just get in the bed with the same clothes on that they’ve worn all day long. /p
pIt’s been fun. We’ve been in East Texas with the rest of my family – all four of my siblings, their spouses and ALL NINE of our children – each of them under 7 years old. It was complete chaos – in the most endearing and wonderful way./p
pAnd throughout the course of our family time, I found myself offering small prayers under my breath for the most small and simple things. It wasn’t purposeful, just an automatic response to some stuff that presented itself throughout the weekend. And each time I said it, I had a moment of deja vu; remembering my mother saying the same thing, at what I thought were the most odd and uneventful times./p
pSo my kids must have thought I was equally weird when I said it:/p
p~In the car on the 1 1/2 hour ride down, just ’cause we were all together./p
p~When the last of the ominous storm clouds dissipated and there was nothing but sunny skies above./p
p~When the car hop at Sonic brought out my grilled cheese sandwich and it was a perfect buttery golden brown, with cheese oozing out everywhere./p
p~As we pulled into the driveway ’cause we’d made it safely./p
p~When the children ran off to play immediately, leaving me with 10 free minutes to unload the car without them under my feet./p
p~When the air mattress pump I’d bought actually worked and blew up mattresses in seconds./p
p~When I pulled on my new swimsuit from Target and the little “cover up” skirt that I purchased actually covered that part of my upper thighs that I think could use a little work. /p
p~At the lake, when the boys’ uncle did water sports with them so I didn’t have to get my hair wet./p
p~When everyone, kids and adults, had a safe day on the lake./p
p~When the kids were so exhausted from the day that they fell asleep in minutes, leaving the adults to play a round of Uno and Taboo./p
p~For eating a breakfast this morning that I didn’t have to cook! (Thanked my mom for this one too!)/p
p~For a beautiful sunrise that glistened on the murkey waters of Lake Palestine the last morning./p
p~For the 3 hour nap that my little one took this afteroon./p
p~For the DVD player in the SUV that kept everyone quiet on the drive back home./p
p~Again, for the Oreo blast (with extra whipped cream of course) from Sonic that made my drive home really sweet (I should take out stock in that place)/p
p~When we rounded the last corner to our house and I could see that all had been well while we were away./p
p~When I emptied the suitcases and put all the dirty clothes into a washing machine, pushed a button and let modern technology do all the hard work./p
p~As I climbed into my bed, took a deep breath and pulled out my laptop to write you.brbrYes . . . I’m grateful, and I guess to some it might seem that I’m grateful for some silly things but to me. . . . they are all enormous blessings. Some folks didn’t get to enjoy some of these simple things this weekend./p
pYes, I’m blessed. You too? What’s your whisper of thanks to God about?/p