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Jonah Study: That’s a Wrap!

Nov 06, 2009

I snapped a few photos from this week’s taping.  The sessions went amazingly smoothly, and were divinely devoid of technical glitches.  There was so much prayer that went into this project, I’m really not surprised.  Lifeway’s crew, led by the awesome Debbie Beavers, all stopped down to pray before each night’s taping. How cool is this?

That’s Dale McCleskey praying.  He is the Editor and Chief at Lifeway, and where the buck stops when it comes to resource content. Is there a theology question that can stump him? We haven’t found one yet, but we’ll keep trying.


Check out the rockin’ set. When the stage lights come on, it is a “WOW!”

Jonah set


Getting mic’d up:

Jonah set2


Priscilla focuses on The Word, while Teisha focuses on The Hair:

Jonah set3


The filming is fun to watch, but try not to cough out loud:

Jonah set4


As if taping wasn’t enough to pack into the week, how about a magazine photo shoot, too? Why not!! The weather was spectacular and the photos look beautiful.

Mag photo shoot


The Going Beyond girls, Carla, Linnae and me:

Going Beyond girls


I love this dress!!

Cute dress!


Some of the sweet ladies who came to the taping:

Jonah set5


Wow, Priscilla is a lot shorter without these cute shoes on:

cute shoes!

Just kidding, she was scrunching down for the group photo.

The book of Jonah will never be “just a Big Fish story” in the Bible to me after this.   Every one of these lessons had something in it that spoke to my life. I am so looking forward to the study when it comes out in June 2010.  You’re going to love this one, girls!