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Katie’s Life Interruption

Feb 16, 2011

On Tuesday, Priscilla asked us to share about our own interruptions. She asked: In the meantime, as I prepare to teach on Jonah, I’d love to hear about
your “Life Interrupted” story. How have your plans been altered? What
ambitions have you had to recalibrate in order to get in line with God’s
plans for you? And, how are you seeing any new life interruptions as
the divine interventions that they really are?

We’ve loved reading your stories and if you missed them, be sure and read the comments. This one from Katie caught Priscilla’s attention and she wanted to highlight it today. Katie, thank you for sharing your story with us and reminding us that God’s plans truly surpass our own!

Katie says:

“I am a little hesitate to write about a time when my life plans were
altered, because my feelings about it still bring me a little guilt.
After marrying the love of my life, we were delighted to welcome our
baby girl into our home just a few years later. My life was going
perfectly. Graduated college, got married, bought a house, and had a
beautiful little girl!

“When my baby was just 4 months old, I was shocked
and upset to find myself staring at a positive pregnancy test. I was
NOT ready for another baby! I had barely gotten adjusted to life with my
4 month old. Sure, I had wanted other children, but that was to come
WAY down the road. I cried ALOT about it, and felt God had given me too
much to handle. My husband was delighted, but he of course would still
be going to work each day while I sat at home with TWO babies. I was
angry about having to be pregnant again and how uncomfortable I would

“Several weeks later, I sat at my doctor’s office in complete shock
when he informed me that I had lost my baby. I could barely walk out of
the clinic. Guilt completely took over me! In some weird way, I thought I
might have wished this to happen. My husband cried, and I felt like it
was ALL MY FAULT! How could I have been so careless with a precious gift
from God? How could I only focus on the “interruption” and not the joy?
One night, before I was scheduled to have a dnc, I got up in the middle
of the night and went into the den where I got down on my knees and
cried out to God. I confessed my sin of being so self centered, and I
asked Him to bring a miracle into my life. I actually asked God to put
that baby back inside of me and allow me to carry it full term. I said I
knew that He didn’t usually bring people back from the dead anymore,
but I wanted to say aloud to Him what my deepest desire was.

“The next
day, my doctor called off the dnc because he found a healthy baby with a
healthy heartbeat on the ultrasound screen. Praise the Lord was all I
could say! I carried that baby boy to 37 weeks and enjoyed every second
of it. I even found myself staying positive during the 22 hours of labor
with no pain medicine 🙂 Robbie is now almost 3 years old, and I
enjoyed a Valentine dinner date with him last night. He got a new Buzz
Lightyear action figure, had food all over his face, and talked nonstop
about nonsense. And I savored EVERY second of it.

“His life has shown me
how to live a life focused on God, the things of God, the people who
need to hear of God, and the “interruptions” that can only come from
God. We have had more children and now have a house full! When we are
given things that are better than we could have dreamed for ourselves,
we are reminded that they come from God. I am glad God didn’t stick to
my plan, because I would have missed out greatly.”

What an awesome story. Thank you, Katie!