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Linnae’s Favorites

Dec 13, 2012

Christmas tunes, of course

Amy Grant, Home for Christmas CD – you know you love it, too

Michael W Smith, Christmastime CD – you love this one as well. Admit it.

Anything by Nat King Cole

Mom’s French Silk Pie – It has so much
sugar and butter that it’s terrible for you, BUT oh so so very thick and incredibly delicious… not like the pudding type French silk pie that most people have, which is
disgusting by the way =)

Gingerbread latte’s

Boots and scarves 

Anthropologie floor displays – Makes me oh so very HAPPY just
walking around in this store during Christmas season

Presents – I gotta admit, I love opening a present =) even
if it’s just one… I love surprises and gifts

Family – I don’t always get to be with my whole family every
single year, so I know and realize what a blessing it is to be excited about
being with family over the holidays. Love mine like crazy!

Highland Park Christmas lights – This has become a
favorite of mine since I’ve lived in Dallas. If you are ever here over
Christmas, you need to walk or drive or run through the neighborhoods when it’s
dark because it’s insanely beautiful this time of year with all the lights on
the houses. And you need to get one of those Gingerbread Latte’s from the Highland
Park Starbucks while you’re at it because Highland Park Village is so so pretty
and happy. AND you can stop in Anthropologie, too =)

Red nail polish

Advent – I love reading about the “arrival”
of Christ and reflecting on this idea through all the many resources that are
available out there. Such a good thing to think about and reflect on: a time of
repentance, hope, and preparing for Christ! So much to relate to in our own


These are just some of the many things I love about this
season. What about you??