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A Loaf or a Bakery

Jan 27, 2013

I was sitting in Hillsong church…there was a guest speaker.  An American.  Maybe it was the refreshing feeling of home that came through his ‘Merican accent in the land Down Under, or maybe that I’d gotten a solid 8 hours of sleep the night before (a RARITY at Hillsong!) or maybe it was The Holy Spirit Speaking (let’s sit with that last one), but no matter, what he said that day stuck to my soul and wouldn’t budge!  It was like getting a piece of double-sided tape stuck on your fingers…trying to get it off only to have it attach itself to another part of your body!  In this case, his words were stuck firmly to my heart…and every shake just seemed to deepend their impression on my soul.  

“If you ask for a miracle, you’re asking for a loaf of bread.  But if you ask for wisdom, you’re asking for a bakery.”

Whoa.  Prior to this, I had been beggin God for breakthrough.  I had spent days and nights praying and fasting, begging Him to use me…for miraculous doors opening.  

But from that moment on, I started to ask God for more and more and more wisdom…I asked Him to endow me with wisdom so clearly from HIS stores that others would know it was HIM guiding me and not myself.  And I sat there.  Asking for wisdom.  Expecting miracles, loaves of bread, to come from that bakery of wisdom.

There’s a whole lot more that could be said about wisdom and miracles…but I just wanted to throw that thought out there…what do YOU think?  Do you find yourself praying more for wisdom or miracles?  Are you pressing in to His Word to have His Spirit move more powerfully in you?  Or are waiting to see His Spirit work in your surroundings alone?  It’s not an either-or, it’s a AND!  

You are loved,