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Loving Without Reservations

Dec 12, 2011

I am just now getting back in the swing of things
from my surgery. As I mentioned before, it has definitely been a longer
recovery process than I had expected. Who knew that a little ruptured appendix,
which by the way doesn’t have much function in your body anyway, could wipe you
out so much? Not me! If you ever need advice on the matter, you know who to

I gotta tell you that although I’m not glad that
I had to have surgery, I have seen so much of life shift ever since this
happened. In hindsight looking back, I am so grateful to God for this past
week… and I will tell you why.

It’s amazing to see how much closer my roommates
and I have gotten since I first went to the hospital. We have gone into a
deeper level of love for each other, that was probably there to begin with, but
is just all the more expressed now. My roommates served me like crazy this past
week. I did not ask for their help, but they freely gave. I could not have made
it without them (and my mom of course). It’s just so interesting how you go
through unexpected circumstances, and then you can really see who your true
friends are. We had somewhat of a “crisis” occur, and it allowed us
to show our love for each other in a way that we have never done before.

You hear it all the time…. people go through
things that makes them realize it could’ve been a very dangerous situation, or
their life was at risk, and it changes their outlook on everything. This is
exactly what happened with us. It’s almost like nothing else mattered,
besides serving and loving each other.

Why is my perspective not always like this? Why
do I love with reservations and think of myself more than I think of others? I
don’t want to live life like that anymore. I don’t want to have to always go
through hard things in order get this concept into my heart. God is so gracious
to allow things like what happened to me to bring us into deeper intimacy with
Him and others, and I don’t want to miss the beauty of what we have experienced
through my surgery.

So I can say wholeheartedly that although I am
not grateful for the pain and surgery I went through, I am EXTREMELY grateful
that God has created a deeper element of love in our household. I’m excited
about the opportunity to have eyes to now love without reservations. I’m
excited about the fact that I am so loved by God and that He wants to use me to
show others how much He loves them too.

I’m excited, just as Priscilla says,
“He takes our messes and turns them into masterpieces”!

Do you love without reservations? Don’t wait,
like me, for circumstances like my surgery to show you that you don’t. Love
freely today! You are loved and created in Gods image, and the world is waiting
for your gifts and love to be shown!