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Dec 14, 2011


Christmas.  We eat quail for lunch.  We hike in the afternoon.  And we “act” out the Christmas story before any presents are allowed to be open.  You should have seen it the year my Grandmother drew the piece of paper giving her the part of baby Jesus.  I will always remember my Grandmother curled up on our rolling ottoman with my baby sister (playing the part of Mary) trying to tote her around.  We do Christmas the only way we know how, with FUN!


One of my favorite sister traditions is watchin a marathon of Christmas movies.  We love the old classics and have added in a few new ones as the years go by.  So, we are preparing…

My little sister has been recording stuff for WEEKS. I’ve got stuff for popcorn and special Christmas cookies.  The older sis’ has blocked off the time.  And we’ve even reserved the big screen tv from Dad. 


The Christmas-Movie-Watching Marathon shall commence in ONE WEEK!!! 


We’ll watch White Christmas and Little Women and The Grinch (ol’ skool’ cartoon) and Miracle on 34th Street…all those movies that take us back to our time watching flicks as kids!  When I watch these, I feel that “kid” Christmas magic once again…and sometimes have to look twice to make sure Santa isn’t about to come bounding into the room!


This year we are looking for one movie to add to the mix…I thought y’all might be able to help us with some ideas.  What are YOUR favorite Christmas movies?  AND any fun Christmas snacks we can make to REALLY feel like we’re in the Christmas spirit?!  HEEEELLLPPPP!!!  


AAANNNND while you’re at it, what are YOUR Christmas traditions?