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Macaroni and Cheese that will bless your Soul!!

Jan 15, 2012

So, I’m supposed to be taking it easy on the carbs and sugar now. I’ve had my fill of both in November and December. It seemed like every day there was some sort of delicious offering that was too tasty to pass up. From pastries and sweets to buttery casseroles and unforgettable holiday meats, I ate every single thing that I could get my hands on. . . . and I didn’t think twice about it.Well, my thighs lived to tell the story. . . .And. . they are telling quite an interesting one. When I slide on my favorite jeans, they moan just a bit and last Sunday when I tugged up my favorite “church” skirt I could have sworn that I heard them whisper, “Don’t even try it.”So, I’ve really gotta pull WAAAY back before it’s too late. I know it. . . and I will do it when the new year arrives.Oh. . . it’s already here you say?And. . .it’s already the middle of January?Well, then I guess I shouldn’t have made myself and my family the most amazing Macaroni and Cheese I’ve ever tasted last night then, huh? Oh well, the damage is done and I’m so grateful that I did every bit of that damage. It was worth every single cheesy bite last night and the left-over bites which taste even more AMAZING today after all those ingredients had a chance to marinate and meld together through the night.I just had to spread the love (and the fat) around and YOU were first on my list. So, enjoy this AMAZING recipe from one of my favorite ladies, The Pioneer Woman (http://thepioneerwoman.com). You will love every single bite!Now, I’ve gotta tell you. I’ve made this dish a couple times and, dare I say it, I’ve made a few adjustments that made it work a bit better for my family. Try it my way or hers. . .either way it’ll be a hit!http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2009/04/macaroni-cheese/My changes:

I used 1/2lb of the cheeses she suggested AND switched the other 1/2 lb to Velveeta Cheese for creaminess.
I used 2% lowfat milk instead of whole milk (although I’m sure whole milk would add more creaminess as well)
I used 3 cups of noodles instead of 4 so that the ratio of noodles to creamy, gooey cheese sauce could go further!