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My church. Your church. OUR CHURCH.

Mar 14, 2013

Wednesday afternoon was bright and sunny and warm and. . .well. . perfect. I was so glad to see the sun peering through the window when I first opened my eyes that morning. Not only because I love how “awake” it makes me feel but because this was my sons’ Adventure Camp day and I’d been praying for good weather.
Adventure Camp is a 2-day event offered each year during spring break (and again during summer break) by a faithful, little church near my neighborhood. This local church has so many amazing family activites all year long that they invite the community to participate in and this is one of them. For two days, kids from everywhere participate in every outdoor activity you can imagine: archery, horseback riding, dodgeball and more all under the watchful eye of skilled counselors who love God and love our kids. 

But that’s this church’s way – reaching out to the neighborhood children. For years now, ever since I had my first baby, I’ve spent one morning a week in their Mainly Music class and October 31st at their “Trunk or Treat” event. Not to mention, my sons have participated in their Awana program and my 2 oldest boys have even gone on a retreat for boys to a Christian camp with their student group. All of these things sponsored by this loving body of believers who want to reach out to the neighborhood around them.
I’m grateful. 
This church has, in a way, helped me to raise my children.

But. . . I digress.
So, on Wednesday, I packed my very excited oldest boys into the car around noon to take them to their first day of spring break Adventure Camp. They could not wait for the excitement to begin. On the way, I popped into Starbucks (well. . of course I did) to grab “the kids” a snack before dropping them off for the afternoon. The lady behind the counter recognized me (which in no way implies that I make far too many visits to my local Starbucks . . .STOP JUDGING ME, OK?) and we struck up a conversation. I casually mentioned that the boys and I were on our way to Adventure Camp at the church. When I did, the man behind me in line leaned in, with a smile on his face and said, “I just got back from dropping my kids off too. They did the soccer camp as well. They love it!”

For the next few moments, while our milk steamed, espresso poured and whipped cream dolloped, we sang the praises of this beautiful church and the amazing way they have become a church for so many who don’t necessarily sit in their pews on Sunday mornings. For a moment, while in line at a coffee shop, three strangers from different churches. . . all went to the same church. They were all brought together under the umbrella of ONE church that has chosen to do what all churches everywhere should do. Serve everyone no matter if their name is on themembership role or not.
Don’t for a moment misunderstand me here. We should all have a church home and be faithful,committed members but the Church (that’s a capital “C” on purpose) can’t be YOUR church or MY church. . .it’s gotta be OUR church.
That’s the way it was meant to be.

Grateful for a church like that, among others, in my neighborhood and praying that their spirit will catch fire to every single house of  God on the globe.