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The Only One Left Standing

Jan 29, 2013

Girlfriend. . . look at this house!




It’s the only one left standing after a hurricane wiped out dozens of others that were in the exact same neighborhood. You can’t tell by looking at this “after” photo but before the storm this lone structure was in the company of many others. Houses that look much the same as this one were stacked side by side. Yet, the high winds and rains of the fierce whirlwind demolished all of them . . . . .except this one. Leaving it alone in its wake.


Reminds me of another house left standing after a storm:


And the rains descended and the floods came, and the winds blew, and burst against that house; and yet it did not fall, for it had been founded upon the rock. – Matthew 7:25


The house in the photo, and the one Jesus talked about in Matthew’s gospel, both had a foundation that was stronger, more sure and solid than that of every other home in its vicinity. What wisdom and foresight the architects and owners must have had! Their insight was different from every other homeowner on the block and their willingness to do things differently than those around them saved their precious house and possibly even their lives.

The question is: Why did they decide to build differently? What happened that caused them to break the mold when constructing?


Turns out, this particular home had been in a hurricane before and had suffered incredible damage. The discouraged homeowners had gathered up their belongings, swept up the rubble, salvaged the remains of their courage and mapped out a strategy that would keep them from experiencing this same devastation in the future.

They didn’t let the 1st storm scare them away . . they let it teach them a valuable lesson for the future.

So. . they built a house that could STAND based on the devastation of their past.


Have you been threatened or even beaten down by recent storms? Don’t retreat my friend. Sweep through the rubble it left behind, salvage what remains and map out a plan for rebuilding that is founded on the wisdom of God’s Word.

Then, no matter what comes, you’ll be LEFT STANDING.


You Are Loved,