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The Organic Food Debacle

Feb 14, 2013

We here at Going Beyond Ministries are basically all becoming foodies and I’m loving every minute of it. Eating is an EVENT, not just something that has to be done around here. I feel like it is my goal to find out about all the “weird” foods out there and be among the first to know about them, but I must say that it is becoming quite the competition around here with Annetta and now Jerry and Priscilla. It’s certainly been fun, especially since Dallas is filled with awesome organic grocery stores. (We’re just now getting Trader Joes… can anyone share in my excitement????)

However, we all know that most of us do not have the ability, or perhaps desire, to have our fridge and pantry stocked with completely organic products. I’m the first to admit that I just don’t do that because I don’t want to legalistic or waste money on unnecessary foods when I can get it at my local grocery store for just as good and just as cheap. 

I came across an article the other day that gave a list of suggested products that you can really do without purchasing organic, and I thought you all might like to be in the know about it. So, here are some foods “they” are saying you don’t need to be so worried about being organic…






Sweet Peas





Sweet Potaotes


Friends, this is good news considering these are, in my opinion, some of the most delicious items you can put in your mouth out of fruits and veggies. Now I’m sure there are MANY opnions about all this, but let’s just choose to accept this great news of information for us foodies and get the $2 less avocados from Walmart rather than Whole Foods and celebrate as we eat a ton of Guacamole, yes?? 

Cheers to saving a little money!