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Packing For Destiny

Priscilla | Sep 22, 2015

Today, I’ve been standing in my closet alot – just staring blankly at the hanging clothes. My suitcase is open, spread across my bedroom floor waiting for some garments to fill it. And, I will fill it. At some point. 

But “with what”? That is the question.

It’s always been hard for me to pack for a trip during this time of year. When summer gives way to the crispness of fall, I’m stumped. I stand in my closet, just like I did today, staring at a smattering of tops and bottoms. The fabric might be too heavy (if the weather is warm) or too lite (if the weather turns cool). Not only that, but if I’m traveling to a northern state where the temperatures have already dipped to a brisk degree, I have to push past my tendency to pack items that are appropriate for where I am located now and choose options that are more suited to where I’m going. I check the Internet to find out the temperatures at my destination and then dig into the back of my closet for all the options I ignored during the hot Texas summer. 

It’s odd really – carrying a coat over my forearm as I walk through ninety-degree weather on my way into the airport. Doesn’t seem to match where I am. But, I guess it shouldn’t. After all, it’s not for here. It’s for where I’m going.

The truth is, it’s hard to pack for there . . . when you are still here. But I must. If I don’t, I’ll be ill-equipped for what’s ahead and won’t have what I need to flourish at my destination.

Such is life.


Shortsightedness breeds ill-preparedness. When we only consider our current circumstances and don’t discipline ourselves to make choices with our destiny in mind, we will be unable to handle it when it arrives – or when we arrive. Instead of having the character to sustain it, the skill to support it, the spiritual fervor to anoint it and the physical and emotional capacity not to crumble under it, we’ll be shell-shocked and paralyzed not free and content with the gifts of the next season.

So, I’ve got to pack for where I’m headed.

And so do you.

What do you want God to do? What do you anticipate He is leading you to accomplish? Start making your daily packing list with this in mind so that when the winds blow and the season changes, you are ready. Develop the internal character, spiritual strength, physical health, financial support and relational connections that will enable you to thrive in the season ahead. 

Sure, it may look odd to others – you carrying around those plans and investments and conversations and connections that don’t seem completely congruent with where you are today. That’s ok. Let others think and say what they may. 

You just keep your eyes focused on destiny. 

I know it’s summer now. Good. Dress for that while you’re in it. But, don’t forget to gather, arrange and prepare for the next season as well.

Autumn is coming.
Always does.
Be ready.