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Prayer Changes Things

Mar 02, 2011

Hello my friends,
I know it’s been a while since you have heard from me, but I didn’t want the week to go by without sharing a few things with you from our event this past weekend in San Antonio. We had the absolute best time, and wish all of our blog friends could’ve been there with us. We missed you!

As some of you may know, much of our time together at the Going Beyond Event is spent in prayer. Because prayer changes things, you know.

We’ve heard from a few of you already whose lives have been changed/shifted, seen miracles or even feel better prepared to handle what it is that God is asking you to do in this season of life.

One woman wrote us saying that her daughter told her she looked like a different person after the weekend. She told her that her eyes were brighter and her face just seemed to be glaring. Wow! Talk about a changed person inside and out.

Another woman told us that when she got home from the event, she found her husband in a not so good state of mind and knew he had been that way for quite some time. Her natural tendency at this point in their marriage would’ve been to leave, to run away and start a life of her own. But she knew that God was calling her to believe for more and believe for healing for their marriage. She didn’t leave, but instead went to get help. That’s a good God!

There are others who have seen God move as a result of what He did in their lives this past weekend. We are so grateful that God would allow us to see Him move and experience Him in such a sweet way. It encourages us to love Him more, pray more and to believe for miracles in our lives and those around us.

We have a page you can go to and read the prayer requests that were texted in to us in San Antonio. You can find them here:

Would you take one or two requests and pray over them today? We believe that God is in the business of answering prayer – and he delights in intervening in supernatural ways. Your prayers change lives. They did this past weekend, and we believe they will today as well.

Thank you for taking the time to pray, and please share any answered prayer or testimonies you may have below.

We love you, and hope to see you at a Going Beyond Event this year!