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Choose Wisely

Mar 01, 2011

pWe are soooo blessed to get a personal devotional from Priscilla AT LEAST once a month here on the Going Beyond site. I love it when she pops in with “Notes from my Quiet Time” and shares what God’s brought to her attention in her own time with Him. That happens quite often right here on the blog./p
pBut there is also a regular feature – the a href=”http://www.goingbeyond.com/jewelry-box” target=”_blank”Jewelry Box/a – that is published once a month and I’d hate for you to miss it. You see, it isn’t a BLOG feature, it’s a whole separate page. See that toolbar at the top of the page? If you click on “Jewelry Box” you’ll see what I mean. You can subscribe to these monthly devotionals by filling out the little form at the bottom – that way you’ll never miss any of them!/p
pThis month, Priscilla is talking about “a href=”http://www.goingbeyond.com/jewelry-box/choose-wisely” target=”_blank”Choosing Wisely./a” She illustrates this out of her own recent experience with this lovely accessory:/p
p /p
p style=”text-align: center;”img src=”http://www.goingbeyond.com/sites/default/files/blog/IMG_3353.JPG” alt=”pink cast” height=”427″ width=”320″/p
p style=”text-align: center;”emThe Pink Cast – 2011’s “Must Have” Accessory/em/p
p style=”text-align: left;”Priscilla is out of the cast by now (praise God!), but the illustration is still very fresh! I hope you’ll pop over and read it…then feel free to come back here to comment./p
p style=”text-align: left;”Rachel Anne/p
p style=”text-align: left;”emWhat kinds of decisions are you facing today?/em emWhat will you choose?/em/p